Sunstar Entertainment News : Davao’s Newest Music Hub

By Stephanie Tujan |Celebdom | Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2013

THE stage reverberates with this song’s powerful lyrics, and you know you are in for something better.

“What would it be like to be part of something BIGGER?
What would it be like to be part of something BETTER?
What would it be like to be part of something GREATER?
We’re giving it all for you at Muzic’s Kool
Looking for a place where you can do better.
Tired of not getting what you want.
Looking for someone who understands your needs, to express, to learn and to feel what it’s like being a musician.”

The mall is flooded with the melodies as Davao’s newest music school “Muzic’s Kool” makes history as it opened its doors during a grand launch concert at Abreeza Mall last August 21.

It was a full-pack music explosion as “Muzic’s Kool’s” 14 dedicated and passionate music teachers took the stage and gave the audience sample performances that every enrollee should expect, to be Bigger, Better and Greater.

“Muzic’s Kool is more than just a place to take music lessons. Muzic’s Kool is a community, founded and operated by professional musicians committed to offering something better than the traditional, isolated approach to teaching music,” director Jeremy Sarmiento said.

Voice teachers Janice Uy, Koi Sevilla and Juliet Bahala provided unmatched vocal exhibitions that vowed the crowd. Hearing them sing, I wanted to enroll again in voice lessons and probably get the right notes of “On my Own” or Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman’s song “Time to Say Goodbye.”
And with teacher Janice’s jazzy vocals, perhaps she can also help wannabe’s to overcome a bunch of the roadblocks and frustrations and fast track into the fun part, singing well.

These three gifted vocalist is your sure bet to help you get the quickest and least painful way to unearthing your best voice.

Teacher Benson Hebionada’s lone violin performance additionally lightened the stage which reminded me of an outdoor production of Fiddler on the Roof.

Teacher Ever created magic with his flute and we simply feel enchanted with his performance. Teacher Ren on the other hand, had the crowd in his hands on his soulful and sexy sax performance.

Teachers Luckie, ReyJan along with Lian, Jonathan, Chester, Rose and Raffy provided simple but sweet melodies that were enough to give the audience goose bumps at points.

Piano and music production teacher Jonathan Ferrero said: “The students, backed by a team of teachers and administrators who work together, play together, perform on stage, and become part of something bigger than themselves. They experience not only the practice, but the payoff.”

Muzic’s Kool offers one-on-one course lessons in classical and contemporary music particularly in voice, piano, guitars, drums, violin, flute and saxophone.

They offer customized “play together” classes for bands and “sing together” classes for vocal groups. They also provide a complete music environment through the best architectural design conducive to teaching and learning, tutorial rooms equipped to suit the students’ needs, rehearsal studios with complete facilities, venues for public performance and experience in music production.

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