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Muzic’s Kool offers one-on-one course lessons in Classical and Contemporary music particularly in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Flute and Saxophone. Upon enrollment, the enrollee will be assessed to determine his/her level. One instructor will be assigned to each student for the whole duration of the course. One course includes 12 sessions of 1 hour per session. Teachers will follow a prepared module to ensure uniformity in the lessons of all students in the same course. Students will also have the opportunity to perform during recitals and other school events.



Learn not only to hit the right notes but also to project your voice appropriately as you blend with the dynamics of the song.
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Experience the thrill of being able to play music and some of your favorite songs instead of just listening to them. Explore the fulfilling world of creating music, providing unique innovations to your favorite songs, and play your own musical masterpiece.
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Appreciate the classics as you learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar. Learn the techniques of the music industry’s great guitarists and develop a style that is uniquely you.
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A band is not complete without the bassist. Learn the basic principles and master the foundations of playing the bass guitar. Develop the skill of providing innovations to your favorite songs.
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A song becomes sweeter when played by a violin. Learn to play the violin with accuracy and dexterity. Elevate your musical experience as your play renders life and sweetness to a song.
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The beat gives energy to what seems like an ordinary song. Master and apply the principles of blending rhythm and beat. Experience the exhilaration of beating the drums and putting rhythm and beat to each song played. Apply Today



Some of the rarest music comes from the simplest instruments like the flute. Learn to play the flute and master the skills that made the bedouins of the olden days indispensable in entertainment.
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Learn the basics of playing the saxophone and master the techniques of creating music with this classic wind instrument. Experience the fun of jazzing up a song.
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Important musical terms! Learn them by heart! ❤️

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It’s important to open your mouth when you sing but it will sound better if you open your heart as well! Have a musical Monday, Davao!

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Everyone is welcome to visit Muzic’sKool located at Damosa, Lanang in front of Yellowcab. Entrance is beside Goldilocks.

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