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We are a music training center that provides students with opportunities to learn, appreciate and to feed their passion for music.  We offer one-on-one course lessons in classical and contemporary music particularly in voice, piano, guitars, drums, violin, flute and saxophone.  We also offer customized “play together” classes for bands and “sing together” classes for vocal groups. We provide a complete music environment through the best architectural design conducive to teaching and learning, tutorial rooms equipped to suit the students’ needs, rehearsal studios with complete facilities, venues for public performance and experience in music production.



We are the center of excellence for artistic skills development, providing a complete music environment that supports the optimum learning and music experience.  It is our passion to hone the talent of each individual and bring out the best of each aspiring artist because we believe in music as a beautiful creative self expression of individuality.



We strive to provide a professional-level of training and experience through module-based learning sessions, industry exposure, and state-of-the-art facilities with teachers who are well-experienced practitioners in the music and performing arts industry.



You are KOOL because you value:

  • CREATIVITY – a kool artist supports responsible freedom of expression1
  • RESPECT – a kool artist respects the ideas of others and understands his role in the learning center and music industry as a whole
  • EXCELLENCE – a kool artist strives to be the best in his craft and opens himself to greater pursuits of creative learning
  • DISCIPLINE – a kool artist values hard work and is able to exercise his freedom without compromising the universal principles of professionalism
  • TEAM WORK – a kool artist supports collaborative work and appreciates the creative output of others

We have a whole set of available courses and programs for you to join. Browse our unique blend of courses tailored to help you develop the skill set you need to achieve your musical goals.

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